I was asked to look for accessible museums/galleries for disabled people to get around.

This got me thinking of what makes any building accessible. Of course it depends on your needs but these things seem important, what do you think?

  • Can you can get there (does it have a bus stop or a car park)?
  • Can you get in (is there a ramp, or just steps without a hand rail steps, can you get the door open for yourself)?
  • Can you understand the information and what’s going on?
  • Can you see and/or hear well (is the level of light and sound ok for you)?
  • Are the toilets accessible, is there a changing place?
  • Can you afford to go in (with your helper, if you need one, free of charge)?
  • Are they interested in your experience (do they ask for your feedback)?

Maybe you can think of other questions.  You are an expert when it comes to spotting buildings that welcome everyone.

I think these buildings are accessible

RWA (Royal West of England Academy) (There’s also a video about what the RWA has done to make everyone welcome).

The Arnolfini –

M Shed –

Spike Island –

Everyone can be a “mystery shopper” spotting buildings that work for people with disabilities.

This short list shows I’m interested in art and drama – what kind of buildings matter to you? 

It would be good to hear about the places you think are accessible. (Football grounds?  Health centres?  Restaurants/cafes? Cinemas? Shops?)  

Let us know about buildings that work well for you, then we can put them on the Misfits website.

Later this year, I’m going to Butlins.  I’ll let you know if I find it accessible!

Written by Beth Richards

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