How you can help

What we are asking you for is your support. A large sack of cash would be nice, but a contract for our training or a contact with someone who could provide, or help us find sponsorship would be just as good.

Some other ideas could be for you to give prizes for our Tombola, to commission work from us, to hold a fundraising event, contact with a local funder who would be interested in us or just tell your friends and family about who we are.

Make a regular subscription

Using any of your Debit card; Credit card; or your PayPal account in just two easy steps:

  1. Choose your subscription level using the little "drop-down" menu below;
  2. Click the "Subscribe" button.
Payment Options

Make a one-off donation

Make a Project-specific donation

Please contact us after having clicked either the "One-off" or "Subscription" buttons above.

Remember us in your will

Please contact Tony at The Misfits Theatre Company by clicking here


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