A visit to the Eden Project – LOL!

The Eden Project is a charity that teaches people all about nature and the effect people have on the planet. It is working hard to stop climate change through helping people to understand what they can do to change. 

I’m concerned about the planet, are you?

Do you think there is time to make a change, I do, do you?

I went to the Eden Project, it’s very big with loads of biomes (they are like big domes that help keep the plants safe and happy) there are different plants from all around the world. 

They have lots of easy information all about climate change that you can find around the domes – like a treasure hunt.

There are 4 different areas of plants – outdoor gardens and crops, which grow outside in the UK weather.  Rainforest and Mediterranean plants which grow inside the domes to keep them warm.  The Rainforest is warm and wet, the Mediterranean is warm and dry.   

(This was me in the Mediterranean biome, can you believe wet and windy outside?)

Plants are a good way of helping getting the bad things out of the air like carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is invisible.  It gets into the air by burning petrol, diesel and oil. 

Too much carbon dioxide in the air is bad because it’s heating up our planet.  It also is poisonous if there’s too much in the air.  Plants help put carbon dioxide back in the ground where it’s safer for us and our planet.

We need to stop using fossil fuels (like coal, gas, oil and petrol.)  Instead use renewable energy like wind power, soler (sun) power, hydro (water) power.

The world uses fossil fuels to make plastics.  The Eden Project had information on the problems with plastic, did you know… each year plastic kills thousands of sea creatures through choking, tangled or suffocating. in the future our oceans could contain more plastic then fish. 

Turtles are in danger because they mistake plastic fragments for food – they feel full so then starve. They also get tangled in fishing nets.

Does this make you feel worried? 

Does it make you want to use less plastic?

I think the Eden Project is accessible with lifts, wide and smooth paths. It is a fantastic place to learn about the climate and has good shops????

I liked going there because it had easy diagrams to show you about climate change.  

I would recommend it for people who want to learn more.

Written by Beth Richards

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