Last Monday we had an amazing morning working with Bristol University student doctors as part of their placement.  The students come along to meet our training group to see some performances, hear poetry and have a chance to talk about accessibility and what’s important to people with learning disabilities when they visit the doctors. Bill’s poem about epilepsy helped people to understand how scary it would be to wake up in hospital not remembering how you got there. The performance Dr. Wrong Leg, started conversation about mental capacity and helped people to understand the importance of checking information.

We had some amazing feedback from the visit. Here is what one student had to say;

‘The misfits theatre was really lovely, it was nice to see all the people there and really important as we were able to talk about everyday life as an adult with intellectual disabilities – they also brought up some interesting points such as how someone with ASD may not be able to understand you if you speak too fast that we hadn’t considered before – a really valuable experience’.

We look forward to working with Bristol University in the near future.

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“In my experience, the Misfits have always delivered high quality performances that bring home the reality of life for people with learning disabilities in a way that audiences can’t ignore. I have found them to be very creative about getting the message across and always extremely professional.”
Sue Turner, Learning Disability Lead, National development Team for Inclusion
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