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The Misfits Theatre Company is a unique award winning and highly successful charity that champions the rights and talents of people with a learning disability.

We have provided creative workshops for over 20 years that help our members build confidence, make friends, and have fun.

“When I’m on-stage people can see who I really am. People can see the potential in me to be the star I am. I’m proud of who I am. My acting makes me feel in control of who I am and it brings out my qualities that were hidden and brings out my emotions. I like me, I like who I am” – Penny

Few things make The Misfits happier than when they can perform and share their lived experience, bringing the community together.

So go ahead click donate today and make a difference to the lives of our members….

£3.00 Monthly

Become a Friend of the Misfits by giving the price of a coffee each month to support our online creative workshops.

£10.00 Monthly

A regular gift to help support Misfits Theatre’s performances and training in the community which challenge discrimination and champion the needs of people with learning disabilities in the community.

You’re amazing… THANK YOU! Your donation makes a huge impact for people with learning disabilities today, tomorrow, and all the time!


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Join us!

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'It's always a pleasure to collaborate with The Misfits for the video articles that Disability & Society produces annually. Their creativity and talents really add value to each video and they're a splendid group of people to work with!'
Anne-Marie Callus | Associate Professor PhD (Leeds)
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