About us

We are a theatre and social group led by people with learning difficulties

The Misfits Theatre Company is a theatre and social group based in Bristol, led by and for people with learning disabilities. We offer creative and social opportunities for our members and use their experiences and expertise to challenge negative perceptions and practices.

What our audience says about us:

Every week I bring AJ from Gloucester, a return journey of 75miles. At first, I thought it was a complete waste of time […] Then I saw the hard work that was put in every week in the movement workshop. I attended the AGM and began to realise what The Misfits is all about.

It is an organisation which gives genuine dignity and respect to people who society avoids and it provides a ‘family’ for people who often have no family. I cannot praise them enough.

Kevin Roche – Key Worker

‘Being one of the Misfits has been one of the most significant parts of our daughter’s life over the past three or four years.  She might have had fun and made great friends going to any well-led activity but through the Misfits she has also learnt lots about expressing herself effectively; she’s been empowered to explain issues faced by people with learning disabilities; she’s had brilliant opportunities to show she can act, help train medical staff, co- operate, be organized, fund-raise, be interviewed on the radio – all useful experiences and skills to use on her CV. She has had support to deal with tricky social predicaments from friendly staff who know her well. Her friends and acquaintances have observed this has given her lots to be proud of.

Parent of member of the Misfits

We want to change the world! And have fun while we do it! 

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Join us!

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“In my experience, the Misfits have always delivered high quality performances that bring home the reality of life for people with learning disabilities in a way that audiences can’t ignore. I have found them to be very creative about getting the message across and always extremely professional.”
Sue Turner, Learning Disability Lead, National development Team for Inclusion
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