I have been a member of the Misfits Theatre Company for over 10 years. Before I joined the Misfits I felt bored. There was nothing to do. I started to go to drama workshops once a week and loved it. I met loads of new people and liked it so much i joined the Poetry group. It is really important for me to speak out about how people with learning disabilities wish to be treated in the community. Performing has given me confidence to speak up for myself. I love to be creative and have fun. This means everything to me.

Here is my poem: Respect

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“In my experience, the Misfits have always delivered high quality performances that bring home the reality of life for people with learning disabilities in a way that audiences can’t ignore. I have found them to be very creative about getting the message across and always extremely professional.”
Sue Turner, Learning Disability Lead, National development Team for Inclusion
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