At the Misfits one of the things we do is make films for people and organisations, these make up our Commissioned work.

For our latest Commission we have been making a film for ‘Disability and Society’ about making research inclusive.

How we worked together

First we reviewed the article that we had been asked to respond to. Beth (one of our Members and Actors) and Anita (our Artistic Lead) read the research article and talked about it with the Training Group. Beth said “It was a challenge to make into accessible language”. Anita shared how they “spent a long time thinking about how to write a script that would be easy to understand and fun to watch. We often use humour as a way into new material”.

Beth and Anita wrote a script together. They read it with the Training Group. The Training Group liked it and added “some bits about eating pies and pie charts that made us laugh”.

What we did

Next we worked with Frank at Redweather Productions to turn the script into a film. Frank filmed our performers Bill, Penny, Jane, Liam, Tim, Beth and we spent a couple of days filming all the different scenes here at our Hub at the St Pauls Learning Centre.

Once Frank has put the finishing touches on the editing, ‘Disability and Society’ will shared the film with the research article, to make it easier to understand.

Why this is important to Misfits:

We talked about why it’s important to include people with learning disabilities in research about people with learning disabilities. The Group said:

“It’s important to include people with learning disabilities because we can speak up for ourselves”

“We can support each other”

“If we are included we can say what we need”

For more info on our previous similar projects you can view our Commission Us page here:

Commission Us Page
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'It's always a pleasure to collaborate with The Misfits for the video articles that Disability & Society produces annually. Their creativity and talents really add value to each video and they're a splendid group of people to work with!'
Anne-Marie Callus | Associate Professor PhD (Leeds)
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