Better for your body, better for the planet 

Are you concerned about the amount of plastic you’re using?  Why not use alternatives  

Did you know:  About the hidden plastic in period products?  So flushing them down the toilet creates plastic pollution. 

So, why not try these alternatives reusable and plastic-free period care

Our addiction to plastic is out of control!

You can download this link on your phone – it connects you to places to eat, drink and shop with less waste –

Get fresh milk (and other things) delivered to your door in bottles NOT plastic! –

Did you know: Plastic is in glitter?

This link you can buy glitter without plastic – 

Did you know: Chewing gum has plastic in?

For chewing gum without plastic, go to:

Paper cups are lined with plastic, so they are hard to recycle.

So, why not get yourself a reusable mug? That way you’re not buying more plastic.

I think if we try and do these things and try not to use plastic, we’ll all feel much happier for helping the planet :0)!

Written by Beth Richards

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