Our poetry workshops give our members the chance to express themselves through poetry workshops

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The poetry group meets on Friday afternoons 1.30 – 3pm.

Sometimes we want to talk about serious things like our disabilities or the world around us, other times we like to make people laugh and think about the things we love.

The poetry group is run by Anita from ‘Loud Word’. Anita is a poet, playwright and a performer, she performs poetry across Bristol.

In our poetry group we like to go out and about visiting different places. We perform our poetry all over Bristol, have exhibitions and make films.

Katie Williams wrote ‘Tummy Hungry’ in our poetry group. Katie wanted to talk about what it was like to have ‘Prader Willi Syndrome’. Katie loved expressing herself through poetry and was very passionate about educating people and making people laugh.

Rachael wrote ‘I am a woman’ in our poetry group. Rachael loves exploring what it’s like to be a woman it’s important to her, she likes to write about her disabilities too. Rachael likes to challenge what people think about adults with learning disabilities.

Rob wrote ‘Lion in the Lift’ about the lifts at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Rob loves to play with words and images, giving animals voices and writing about things you wouldn’t expect. Rob’s poetry is thoughtful and often makes people see things in a different way.

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“In my experience, the Misfits have always delivered high quality performances that bring home the reality of life for people with learning disabilities in a way that audiences can’t ignore. I have found them to be very creative about getting the message across and always extremely professional.”
Sue Turner, Learning Disability Lead, National development Team for Inclusion
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