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The Misfits

A week in the life of the Misfits

Monday our training group meets to create and rehearse for our live training. Wednesday our wellbeing group meet to connect, relax and have fun, Thursday our movement group dance, move and play, Friday drama games, improvisation in the morning and in the afternoon our poetry group express themselves through writing.


The History of the Misfits

The Misfits started in 1996 as Silent Zone at a day centre, moving to ACTA in 1999 where a group for younger people started. The Misfits moved to Stokes Croft in 2010 and added a movement group to the week, the poetry group started 2017. Alongside the groups developing our training and commisioned work has taken us on trips around the world - what a lot of fun!


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“In my experience, the Misfits have always delivered high quality performances that bring home the reality of life for people with learning disabilities in a way that audiences can’t ignore. I have found them to be very creative about getting the message across and always extremely professional.”
Sue Turner, Learning Disability Lead, National development Team for Inclusion
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