David is one of our Members and also one of our Staff here at Misfits. David helps interview and induct new Members so we asked David to tell us about the process so that people know what to expect.

Step 1.

If you are interested in joining the Misfits then you can get in touch by ringing us on 0742 800 3985 or emailing us If you leave us a message, make sure you tell us the best way to contact you.

Step 2.

Once you have got in touch we will contact you to set up a meeting with you where we will ask you some questions, ie why do you want to join the Misfits, have you had any drama experience and what new skills would you like to learn?

Step 3.

Once we have asked you the questions we will then give you the chance to ask us anything.

Step 4.

Then we work out together which workshop works well for you.

Step 5.

Your first session is free as you will be just tasting it, and you can taste as many different workshops as you like if you are not sure which one suits you.

You can choose from the following:

Step 6.

Then if you want to come and join one of the workshops then we will give you a letter with the start date and end date and the amount you will have to pay.

What to Expect:

Before our workshops we like to meet and have a drink and something to eat in the café. You get to catch up with your friends before the session starts. St Paul’s Learning Centre has a big café called Glens.

After the session you can either go home or you can have lunch with your friends in the cafe.

When you join the Misfits you will get some great benefits such as:

    • Meeting new people

    • Learning new skills

    • Getting some exercise

Some of the Members have gone on to join one of our projects such as:

It might give you more confidence to try other workshops outside Misfits.

I am part of the Misfits and It is an amazing place to be with great and lovely people.

Where to find us:

When you are coming to your interview you can find us at the Misfits office which is on the ground floor at:

St Pauls Learning Centre, 94 Grosvenor Rd. BS2 8XJ

This is also where our Wellbeing and Drama workshops take place.

If you are attending your dance taster session this will take place in the event space* at:

Hamilton House, Stokes Croft Bristol. BS1 3QY

(*This on the first floor but there is a lift)

Join Us!

Join us!

Give us a ring on 07428003985
or send us a message below:

Thanks to our lovely supporters

“It felt good performing. It felt like a proper performance at the showcase – it was proper and real. I felt really proud and happy and excited and I can’t wait to do it again”.
Katie, Member of the Misfits
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